utorak, 26. veljače 2013.

Something new,something blue...

Hi guys!
I've just remembered that I didn't posta birthday look!
I'm so sorry and I'll post it now,about a month later haha
Just few photos of a simple outfit.

I got this dress on a sale in Zara(Zara has the best sales!) and I was so happy that I found a piece like his one!The material is amazing,and it reminds me on those Charleston dresses from the twenties.
It was a birthday present from me to me :)
Golden watch is vintage,my grandma's I think,and so is one of these golden bracelets.
I adore my mum's and grandma's jewelry,every piece has its own story.
The other golden bracelet is a present from my dear friends and I wear it a lot,because of its simplicity.
The blue one is hand made.I bought it at the Christmas fair from a lovely lady.
I wanted to buy more pieces,but when I came back,the fair was closed.
I can't wait to wear this bracelet to the beach!It would look great with my swimming suit;)

I have just noticed that I often hold my hand this way,actually don't know why.
Other poses next time:)


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