utorak, 26. veljače 2013.

Something new,something blue...

Hi guys!
I've just remembered that I didn't posta birthday look!
I'm so sorry and I'll post it now,about a month later haha
Just few photos of a simple outfit.

I got this dress on a sale in Zara(Zara has the best sales!) and I was so happy that I found a piece like his one!The material is amazing,and it reminds me on those Charleston dresses from the twenties.
It was a birthday present from me to me :)
Golden watch is vintage,my grandma's I think,and so is one of these golden bracelets.
I adore my mum's and grandma's jewelry,every piece has its own story.
The other golden bracelet is a present from my dear friends and I wear it a lot,because of its simplicity.
The blue one is hand made.I bought it at the Christmas fair from a lovely lady.
I wanted to buy more pieces,but when I came back,the fair was closed.
I can't wait to wear this bracelet to the beach!It would look great with my swimming suit;)

I have just noticed that I often hold my hand this way,actually don't know why.
Other poses next time:)


subota, 23. veljače 2013.

Room tour

Hi guys!

I've just bought some new items for my room,so I thought: why shouldn't I show it to you?
We moved about a year ago,so the room is pretty much new.I picked everything and decorated it myself.It's simple,retro,basically white with some black details.
So let's start:
First you'll notice my big bed.I'm a big fan of sleeping(when I have enough time),
reading and watching movies under a blanket.So I need a big bed where I can lie around.
On my nightstand there are some books,few magazines on lower shelf,and of course a lamp.
On my desk there's my laptop,my three favourite photos(my parents and I on my first brthday,my puppy Lola and I,and a old postcard from London),retro lamp and some flowers.

Shelves in my room are filled with everything.
On bottom shelf is my jewelry box(and that's not all,I keep some in my wadrobe also).
Above it is my make-up box,my favourite necklace,some of my sunglasses...
Above that is where I keep my cameras and other technical devices.

You might also notice that there is a lot of photos in here.On my walls,desk...
Well,I just love looking at them because every single photo is special to me,it represents certain events,places,people in my life etc.

So here are the photos!
I hope you'll like it:)





petak, 22. veljače 2013.

Back in black

Hi guys!

Still feeling ...well,black!
That's why this look is so similiar to the last one.
They are like two versions of the same style,colour and inspiration.
Photos taken during break at school by my lovely friend Kristina:)
Not a lot of pictures,I know,but more in next post maybe:)

I was wearing black maxi dress,black wool cardi,beanie and standard jewelry equipment.
Dress and cardi are vintage,not sure if there are my mum's or my grandma's.
I love this dress,so simple,basic.
It can fit in every style;classic,boho,vintage,rock,funky...
How can you not like it?

More colourful outfits soon,I promise!:)


četvrtak, 21. veljače 2013.

All black,everything

Hi guys!

This weather depresses me!It's either snowing or raining!
It's maybe the reason why I'm wearing black last two days.
Well,it's not all black,I'm also wearing my favourite brown ankle boots.
They are perfect for this weather.They resist all weather conditions,they are super comfy and they keep me warm.What's more to ask from a pair of boots?

These photos were taken two days ago.I was wearing black jeans,black large top,black long wool cardigan and a beanie,all from H&M.
Also wearing a lot of bracelets and statement ring(it's some sort of my signature,I always wear pack of bracelets and statement ring,can't leave house without it).



nedjelja, 17. veljače 2013.

Western looking Leo

Hi guys!
New York fashion week is over,London fashion week has started,and I'm very sad I'm not there!:(
London is my favourite city in the world,since I was a little girl.
Can't wait to go back there and this time maybe stay forever haha
I'm also excited about all new editorials,collections...
When will spring finally come?!

We were going on a late ice cream,and then stayed there for 3 hours,we had a lot of catching up to do haha
It's still pretty cold here,so coat is not optional.
I started wearing my autumn/spring booties again,I couldn't resist!
I was wearing boyfriend jeans from Zara,mum's vintage coat,H&M brown sweater,and this fringed little bag.I found it in my mum's closet,she forgot she even had it,but I like it because it's totally cool,gives that western look to the outfit.This leo printed scarf is a birthday present from my dear friend Ela.It goes great with simple,basic items.A lot of people think that leo print is trashy,but it isn't if you wear it properly!:)

Till next post, 


subota, 9. veljače 2013.

Eye of the tiger

Hi guys!
Saturday was such a nice day for me!
First,I had my french lessons in the morning,after that I was walking around city center,taking photos of buildings,objects and people around me,seeing what's new in stores...
Then I had a date with my friend Ela who took these photos.
In the evening,my friends came and we had a little movie night:)

I wore maxi black skirt from Zara which was a present for last year's Christmas,pastel pink Dr.Martens shoes,Lacoste backpack,mum's black coat and new Kenzo inspirated sweater from H&M.
These photos were taken with my new camera,and I really like it:)
What do you think?
That's it from me for today...
Have fun guys,enjoy life!


petak, 8. veljače 2013.

That coat!

Hi guys!

I got a new camera!(as you might have seen on my Instagram profile)
Now I'm exploring it,learning how to use it,finding out something new with every picture...
You will see the progress and the results  over time :)
This photos were taken with my old camera,I'm too

Today I had to go to the dentist(p.s.I'm taking my braces off soon^^) before school,I was in a hurry,
and this seemed as a perfect outfit for it!
Longer soft sweater,my favourite sneakers which I wear all the time(I just love them) and pair of printed leggings.And of course the coat!
I found it in my mum's closet,and I immediately fell in love with it!
It's simple,little bit blazer look alike.
That's it from me for today,have a nice weekend everybody:)