četvrtak, 1. kolovoza 2013.


Hi guys!
This is one of my favourite tees.I got it on sale few weeks ago.It reminds me on Acne's "MUSIC" one,I'm sure you've seen it.
This is it from me for tonight,




ponedjeljak, 29. srpnja 2013.

Summer in stripes

Hi guys!
I'm having a blast here and I'm enjoying every minute.
This is what I wore yesterday,for a quick coffee with friends.
I love this t-shirt and I wear it a lot,it's great for summer.
Have to go now,



nedjelja, 14. srpnja 2013.

Summer casual

Hi guys!
I'm finally at the seaside again,and I'm enjoying every moment here.
I'm almost never at home,mostly at the beach.
All my friends are here and were having so much fun,all day long.
I finally found some time to share these photos.
I'm wearing my favourite hoodie(it was a bit chilly outside),my new polka dot shorts and of course,Converse sneakers
Have to go now,

                                         Hoodie: Buro 24/7
                                         Celine look alike bag: Zara
                                         Sneakers: Converse All stars


petak, 12. srpnja 2013.

Mum's birthday

Hi guys!
Today I'm posting photos not related to fashion,I hope you'll like them.
Few days ago was my mum's birthday.While she was at work,I bought some flowers,cleaned up the house and baked muffins(I make the most delicious muffins!haha)

I'm planning on posting more photos unrelated to my outfits and fashion,cause I really love taking pictures,not just posing in front of a camera haha
The last two photos were taken wtih Iphone,so the quality isn't that good

I'm off to the seaside, I can't wait!
I have to finish packing now
(P.S. my suitcase is already full,and the most of the stuff is still on the bed)



nedjelja, 7. srpnja 2013.

Leather,denim & Kenzo

Hi guys!
I'm still in Zagreb,soon off to the seaside.
I'm mostly in the house during the day and I go out after the sun sets.

I found these photos taken about two months ago.They were taken after school,so this is also one of my school outfits.The shirt was a gift,I got it few years ago and I found it in my wadrobe during the spring cleaning.I love this dress,the shape is very feminine but denim gives that youthful look.
I paired it with black leather boots and jacket,so it wouldn't look like school uniform,to give that rebellious touch.
More summerly outfits soon,