nedjelja, 17. veljače 2013.

Western looking Leo

Hi guys!
New York fashion week is over,London fashion week has started,and I'm very sad I'm not there!:(
London is my favourite city in the world,since I was a little girl.
Can't wait to go back there and this time maybe stay forever haha
I'm also excited about all new editorials,collections...
When will spring finally come?!

We were going on a late ice cream,and then stayed there for 3 hours,we had a lot of catching up to do haha
It's still pretty cold here,so coat is not optional.
I started wearing my autumn/spring booties again,I couldn't resist!
I was wearing boyfriend jeans from Zara,mum's vintage coat,H&M brown sweater,and this fringed little bag.I found it in my mum's closet,she forgot she even had it,but I like it because it's totally cool,gives that western look to the outfit.This leo printed scarf is a birthday present from my dear friend Ela.It goes great with simple,basic items.A lot of people think that leo print is trashy,but it isn't if you wear it properly!:)

Till next post, 


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