subota, 23. veljače 2013.

Room tour

Hi guys!

I've just bought some new items for my room,so I thought: why shouldn't I show it to you?
We moved about a year ago,so the room is pretty much new.I picked everything and decorated it myself.It's simple,retro,basically white with some black details.
So let's start:
First you'll notice my big bed.I'm a big fan of sleeping(when I have enough time),
reading and watching movies under a blanket.So I need a big bed where I can lie around.
On my nightstand there are some books,few magazines on lower shelf,and of course a lamp.
On my desk there's my laptop,my three favourite photos(my parents and I on my first brthday,my puppy Lola and I,and a old postcard from London),retro lamp and some flowers.

Shelves in my room are filled with everything.
On bottom shelf is my jewelry box(and that's not all,I keep some in my wadrobe also).
Above it is my make-up box,my favourite necklace,some of my sunglasses...
Above that is where I keep my cameras and other technical devices.

You might also notice that there is a lot of photos in here.On my walls,desk...
Well,I just love looking at them because every single photo is special to me,it represents certain events,places,people in my life etc.

So here are the photos!
I hope you'll like it:)





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