četvrtak, 29. studenoga 2012.


Hi everyone!
I'm going to write a really short post because I don't have much time,I have to study.
So,today I wore a knitted dress, and my wedge sneakers.
I'm a big fan of knit,especially sweaters,which I wear almost everyday,because I'm always chilly.
And maybe the favourite piece from this look is my grandmother's golden watch.
My mum wore it for couple of years,and now I do.It has history and that's what I love about vinatge clothes.So here it is!
Better quality pictures are coming next week,when I will probably have more time during forenoon.

Bye guys:)

srijeda, 28. studenoga 2012.

In doubt,choose pink!

Hello guys!
I'm pretty busy these days,I'm either in school or studying for school,so I don't have a lot of  free time.These pictures were taken around 5p.m.,during the school break,and as you can see,it was already dark then!So I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best quality.
About the outfit:I'm wearing my pastel pink docs and my favourite leggings.To calm down those two,I wore chunky grey sweater from Zara and classic black coat.

Till next reading,Sara

ponedjeljak, 26. studenoga 2012.

Wild thing

Today was a sunny day,unusal for this time of a year.I love winter,snow,
it has its perks,but sun always cheers me up.
Today I was wearing my favourite leather skirt and my brand new wedge sneakers.
To ˝spice˝ it up I wore printed sweater.I don't wear it that often,it's not easy to combine.
Jean shirt is actually my dad's,but i kinda stole it from him about a year ago,and I love it!
It goes with everything.
Here are some photos of me and my friends.

Have a nice evening,bye:)

nedjelja, 25. studenoga 2012.

First post

Hi guys!
I'm Sara and this is my first blog.
Something about me:
I'm 15,almost 16 year-old girl from Zagreb,Croatia.
I'll post about my looks,my everyday activities etc.
Like I said already,this is my first blog,so don't be harsh!:)