nedjelja, 24. ožujka 2013.


Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.
I had some problems,well never mind,I'm not going to talk about it.

Picasso exhibition opening was yesterday,and we got an invitation.
The exhibition had a tour all around world,and the last stop is Zagreb.
I'm going to go at least one more time to the gallery,because the exhibition is amazing.
The paintings are outstanding and so unique,definitely worth seeing.

For this occasion I wore a  nude A-line dres,black coat and Burberry scarf.
I only wore heels for this photoshoot,I changed into flats later.

New post soon,I promise!:)

Hermes look alike bracelet:H&M Premium Quality
Golden watch and bracelet:Vintage


petak, 15. ožujka 2013.

Perwoll no.2

Hi guys!
Quick post:
Last night's show was quite interesting.All shows had one thing in common-minimalism.
It's no secret that minimalism is a trend,and although my style is more bohemic,I like this trend.
Simple,one colour,no additional details.And most items last night were just like that.
I'm sorry,but I don't have any pictures of the shows,I forgot to take my camera out of bag.

I was inspired by Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens.
I was wearing:Zara white dress,Zara black leather jacket,Accessorize bag,Dr.Martens pastel shoes and vintage jean shirt.

New post tomorrow,




četvrtak, 14. ožujka 2013.

Perwoll no.1

Hi guys!
Perwoll started yesterday.I'm really lucky to be able to go to fashion weeks,and I honestly enjoy every minute of it!
I've been going to events like that for about 2 years.It's really fun and exciting.Of course,I don't like everything that designers present,but it's still interesting to see how other people's point of view.

Any way,yesterday's show was amazing!
Aleksandra Dojcinovic makes the most perfect dresses.Every woman looks like a goddess in them.
Dresses are simple,in one colour,with no extra details,and the focus is on the silhouette.

I wore simple outfit.Burgundy red top,purse and skirt and grey blazer,shoes and tights.
I also wore statement necklace,golden watch and a few thin rings.
I was pretty happy with my outfit,but I noticed that on the pictures,items don't seem like it's the same colour.But it really is,just the materials are different.Skirt is made of tweed,bag is made of leather etc.

P.S. last photo is taken for streetstyle.
If you want to check it,you can visit

Next post tomorrow,


subota, 9. ožujka 2013.

Biker chick

Hi guys!

Lately,I'm very bussy.There are just so many things I have to for school,a lot of tests,homework etc.
But spring is almost here so I try to stay positive:)
I'm also really looking forward to all fashion events!It starts next week,and I have no idea what to wear haha!So if you have any suggestions,feel free to share them with me:)

Today I was wearing my new Zara leather jacket,black skinny jeans,black leather Zara boots,oversized grey sweater and red beanie,to add some colour.
 I also wore my favourite necklace from Wildfox,golden watch,few bracelets and H&M rings.

Till next post,



četvrtak, 7. ožujka 2013.


Hi guys!

Today I was wearing new boots from Zara,Zara blazer,old H&M purple jeans and basic white T-shirt.
These boots are great,it was love at first sight.
You will see more of these boots soon;)
I started buying a lot of clothes with military print.I like this print,it's cool,isn't it?

That's it for today,



subota, 2. ožujka 2013.

Sunny day

Hi guys!
I'm so happy right now!It's Saturday and the sun is shining!
Spring is almost here,can't wait!:)
I had my French lessons in the morning,so I got up pretty early,and saw the sun!
I couldn't wait to go outside,and feel sunshine on my face again,after this long cold winter.

I was wearing my new Buro 24/7 hoodie,red jeans,Zara wedge sneakers,Zara bag and my new sunglasses.
I love this hoodie!It's soft,comfy and practical.
I bought these sunglasses recently too.They are unusal,a mix of retro and futuristic.
An eye-catching item,perfect for summer.
I especially like the last photo,don't really know why.What do you think?
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