subota, 9. veljače 2013.

Eye of the tiger

Hi guys!
Saturday was such a nice day for me!
First,I had my french lessons in the morning,after that I was walking around city center,taking photos of buildings,objects and people around me,seeing what's new in stores...
Then I had a date with my friend Ela who took these photos.
In the evening,my friends came and we had a little movie night:)

I wore maxi black skirt from Zara which was a present for last year's Christmas,pastel pink Dr.Martens shoes,Lacoste backpack,mum's black coat and new Kenzo inspirated sweater from H&M.
These photos were taken with my new camera,and I really like it:)
What do you think?
That's it from me for today...
Have fun guys,enjoy life!


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