ponedjeljak, 4. veljače 2013.

Do it like a dude;)

Hi guys!
It is getting warmer here in Zagreb,sun is shining and I'm instantly happier!
Another thing I'm really happy about is new trends for spring/summer 2013.
I'm looking forward to the spring and especially summer,I can't wait!
I mean,who isn't looking forward to the summer dresses,sandals and high-waisted shorts?;)

I'm wearing boyfriend-fit jeans,a beanie,simple white t-shirt and my favourite sneakers from Nike.
I like this combo,it looks cool,I think.Totally casual,"I just got up" look.
I also like it because it's comfortable,perfect for 7 hour sitting in the classroom.
And these Nike sneakers are amazing!
I would recommend it to everyone,they are great for running around town and also for jogging etc.

Have to go now:)


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