subota, 26. siječnja 2013.

Ana Karenina

Hi guys!
My birthday is coming up and I'm so exited!
I'll celebrate it surrounded with people I love,doesn't matter where:)

It's really cold outside,therefore the pictures below were taken indoors.
The look was inspired by Ana Karenina.I haven't seen the movie yet,but I'm really looking forward to seeing it!It's one of my favourite stories,as well as Pride and Prejudice.

I'm wearing dark blue faux fur coat from Zara,light purple silk dress which I have for years and my new favourite necklace,also from Zara.

These are more art photos then fashion,but I like them,so I hope you will too:)



nedjelja, 20. siječnja 2013.

Oxford chic

Hi guys!

As I already said,I'm a huge movie fan.
Lately I ran into some pretty good movies,
so I had movie nights last few evenings.
Blanket and snacks are necessary,of course.

But last night I went out with my good old friend.We haven't seen each other for a while,so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Look is pretty simple.I wore basic black sweater,pair of blue jeans and a warm black scarf.To add some colour,I put on my pink docs.I recommend buying shoes or a bag in some "crazy" colour.
It might look like you don't have a lot of things that would look good with it,but trust me,you'll end up wearing it all the time.
I found this blazer in my grandma's closet.It's checkered,mix of green and blue.
And because it's still really cold outside,I wore my beloved parka over it.
Just thinking about times when I'll be able to wear short sleeves and nothing over it!


četvrtak, 17. siječnja 2013.

White snow

Hi guys!
It's been snowing for 3 days now,and it's total chaos now in Zagreb.
Trams and buses aren't driving,streets are filled with snow,it's hard to even walk...
It hasn't snowed this much since it had been measured.
Therefore,my daily uniform is warm parka and pair of Timberland boots.
I thought about some nice photosession,but it's definitely too cold.
Below are some photos of me,Zagreb under snow and my poor little dog struggling through snow haha


nedjelja, 13. siječnja 2013.

Baby it's cold outside

Hi guys!
My winter break ends tomorrow,these 3 weeks have flown by so soon,I can't believe it's over already!
Just to think about studying,waking up early,and all of those subjects I get a headache.
The only thing keeping me alive are my new school outfits haha
I found some pretty great stuff at sales,as you could have seen on Instagram:)
The pictures below were taken 4 days ago,I think.It's really cold now,here in Zagreb,so I'm thankfull for my parka that keeps me warm all the time.
The rest of the outfit is pretty simple,I wasn't feeling like dressing up and we were only going on a quick coffee at the city.




četvrtak, 10. siječnja 2013.

The time

Hi guys!
The other day my friend and I went to the movies.
The movie was... well O.K.,but I've seen better(I'm a big movie fan!)
We saw ˝Un plan parfait˝ with Diane Kruger.It's an romantic comedy,little bit unusual,but still with predictable end,and I hate to know what the end will be like.
And about the look,there isn't a lot of photos,we had to run so we wouldn't be late.
I wore a light brown chunky sweater,high-waisted Levis shorts,black parka and tights,of course.
I love jewelry,especially rings and bracelets,but lately I'm obsessed with vintage watches.
I found this one in my mum's jewelry box,I always find something there :)



utorak, 8. siječnja 2013.

Take a break

Hi guys!
I'm on my winter break right now..That means I sleep til noon,and at the evening I go out,go to the movies etc.
It really is a break from usual lifestyle,and I enjoy it,I really needed it.
These photos were taken few days ago,after a coffee with the girls.
I wore this fitted purple-black pencil skirt I haven't worn awhile.
The rest of the oufit is simple and casual,black wedge sneakers(as you can see,I love them and I wear them a lot!),grey printed T-shirt,and a black cardigan.
P.S. Finally a post with pics,thanks to Blogger for Iphone!:)
More soon,


ponedjeljak, 7. siječnja 2013.


Hi guys!
I'm finally on Instagram!
I wanted to download it since it came on App store,but I always forgot to,something always came up.
So if you want to follow me,my username is PetrSara:)
And I STILL haven't fix that problem with adding photos to posts,so for now on I'll be posting via Blogger for Iphone.
I'm very sorry,I'll do what I can to start posting pictures again.


nedjelja, 6. siječnja 2013.

Technical difficulties

Hi guys!
As I was just about to post a new look,something went wrong and now I can't post photos.
I'll try to fix that soon.
Until then,


utorak, 1. siječnja 2013.

New Year's Eve

Hi guys!
I spent my New Year's Eve at home,it was sort of a house party.
I was wearing black zip dress(H&M Munchen),oversized light blue sweater,grey wedges,and my new statement necklace from Zara.
Casual,comfy,perfect for house party!
Hope you'll spent first day of new year just like you wanted!