subota, 2. ožujka 2013.

Sunny day

Hi guys!
I'm so happy right now!It's Saturday and the sun is shining!
Spring is almost here,can't wait!:)
I had my French lessons in the morning,so I got up pretty early,and saw the sun!
I couldn't wait to go outside,and feel sunshine on my face again,after this long cold winter.

I was wearing my new Buro 24/7 hoodie,red jeans,Zara wedge sneakers,Zara bag and my new sunglasses.
I love this hoodie!It's soft,comfy and practical.
I bought these sunglasses recently too.They are unusal,a mix of retro and futuristic.
An eye-catching item,perfect for summer.
I especially like the last photo,don't really know why.What do you think?
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