petak, 28. prosinca 2012.

In town with gals

Hi guys!
Yesterday I spent the whole day with my friends.
Two of our friends came from Split to visit Zagreb,so we were pretending to be tour guides haha
We took them to see our favourite places,but also places you must visit,like the main square etc.
We were acting like tourists,taking photos of everything,admiring the whole city...
You don't realise how your home town is amazing until you see it through the eyes of tourist.
Photos below are taken at the main square,Ban Jelacic square,and at our favourite park,Zrinjevac.
I was wearing a midi red skirt I found on sale,black coat that is actually my mum's,my new Zara bag,and my english flag print sweater.Great outfit for walking around the town and looking for some new piece(s) on sale.
Till next post,


srijeda, 26. prosinca 2012.

Very merry Christmas!

Last 3 days I spent visiting my family,meeting with my friends,exchanging gifts,decorating,and eating.A lot.
These photos were taken on Christmas Eve,when my mum and I were decorating the christmas tree.
As always,I started taking photos of everything,the tree,decorations etc.
And then I remebered you guys and that I don't have a Christmas post!
So I replaced my fluffy slippers with high heels and took few photos.

I would love to tell you all about my Christmas,but I have to run,I have a date with my friends.


Xmas party

Hi guys!
I had a busy busy weekend.Well,busy week actually.
First I went on End of the world afterparty.It's kinda joke,the name of the event,because not a lot people believed in the end of the world.But it was fun to celebrate the fact that we are still alive.
The second party,Xmas party,was in one of the most popular clubs in Zagreb,Hemingway.
It was a quite good party,I really had fun.
The photos below were taken before we went on the Xmas party.
I was wearing this dress that was longer at the back and black high heels.
It's really simple,all black outfit.
On this one photo,you can see my friend Ela holding the back of my dress.
It's a funny story.At the last moment,I decided I would change because someone could step on my dress,or I would destroy it somehow,beacuse I'm pretty clumsy.I always change my mind about the outfit the last second.
She said don't worry,I'll hold that part just so we can go.
So,here are the photos,they were taken the last minute before the party in my room.


srijeda, 19. prosinca 2012.


Today my post is about my other passion,piano.
I've been playing it since I was 7.
Music really is a big part of my life,and I blame music school and piano for that.
We moved last year,and my piano finally moved too.
I really missed it,it was hard to not do something you've been doing for the past 7 years.
I play it every day now,just for fun.
A friend came today to my house and we had an idea to take some photos of me playing it.
It tourned out totally different from what we thought it would be,but I'm pretty satisfied with our little photoshoot.
I'm wearing floral fitted dress and light blue tights.
These two pieces are a show-stopper,so I didn't wore a lot jewerly,just two rings(I obsessed with rings),and basic black high heels.
This really is a perfect party outfit if you want to be seen.
I've been playing with photoshop a lot lately(just lighting etc.),as you can see,but I hope you'd like it!:)


subota, 15. prosinca 2012.

Blue fur,not velvet

Hi guys!
Last week was exhausting!I was either in school or doing something for school.
I can't wait for all this to end.So I'm sorry there was no posts last week,but I promise,when school ends and hollidays begin,there will be plenty!;)
And about the outfit:I had french lessons in the morning,and these photos were taken afterwards.
I'm wearing a blue fake fur coat,skiny jeans and two brown wool sweaters.I'm also wearing my cowboy boots and extra large bag.I love XL bags,because I can put my books and everything necessary in them(and some not that necessary items too)
When it comes to winter outfits,it has to me warm and comfy for me,so expect more creative looks after winter:)
There's just few photos,I didn't had time to take more of them,but here they are!


četvrtak, 6. prosinca 2012.


Hi guys!
It's super cold here,it even snowed!
I don't like the cold very much,so I'm waiting for summer:)
About the look,I'm wearing my beloved parka,red jeans and a beanie.
I love this jeans,and they are a really good piece to wear these days,they bring some colour in this grey winter days.
There's not a lot of pictures,but we didn't have a lot of time to take them.