petak, 5. srpnja 2013.

Sporty in white

Hi guys!
How are you?Are you enjoying summer?I know I am!

Since my summer holidays began and I've returned from the seaside,I've been spending my holidays relaxing,going out with my friends and of course,shopping.
I had to buy some stuff(if you're wondering what,check my instagram profile;)) before I go back to the seaside,and this time for the whole summer.

This is what I wore yesterday.White t-shirt,ripped jeans and white Nike Air-Max.
What I love about these sneakers is that they are so comfy and easy to walk in.
This orange bag from Zara is my favourite at the moment.It reminds me on Proenza Schouler PS11.
This is it from me for today,

                                                             Sneakers:Nike Air-Max


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