srijeda, 19. prosinca 2012.


Today my post is about my other passion,piano.
I've been playing it since I was 7.
Music really is a big part of my life,and I blame music school and piano for that.
We moved last year,and my piano finally moved too.
I really missed it,it was hard to not do something you've been doing for the past 7 years.
I play it every day now,just for fun.
A friend came today to my house and we had an idea to take some photos of me playing it.
It tourned out totally different from what we thought it would be,but I'm pretty satisfied with our little photoshoot.
I'm wearing floral fitted dress and light blue tights.
These two pieces are a show-stopper,so I didn't wore a lot jewerly,just two rings(I obsessed with rings),and basic black high heels.
This really is a perfect party outfit if you want to be seen.
I've been playing with photoshop a lot lately(just lighting etc.),as you can see,but I hope you'd like it!:)


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