petak, 28. prosinca 2012.

In town with gals

Hi guys!
Yesterday I spent the whole day with my friends.
Two of our friends came from Split to visit Zagreb,so we were pretending to be tour guides haha
We took them to see our favourite places,but also places you must visit,like the main square etc.
We were acting like tourists,taking photos of everything,admiring the whole city...
You don't realise how your home town is amazing until you see it through the eyes of tourist.
Photos below are taken at the main square,Ban Jelacic square,and at our favourite park,Zrinjevac.
I was wearing a midi red skirt I found on sale,black coat that is actually my mum's,my new Zara bag,and my english flag print sweater.Great outfit for walking around the town and looking for some new piece(s) on sale.
Till next post,


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