subota, 15. prosinca 2012.

Blue fur,not velvet

Hi guys!
Last week was exhausting!I was either in school or doing something for school.
I can't wait for all this to end.So I'm sorry there was no posts last week,but I promise,when school ends and hollidays begin,there will be plenty!;)
And about the outfit:I had french lessons in the morning,and these photos were taken afterwards.
I'm wearing a blue fake fur coat,skiny jeans and two brown wool sweaters.I'm also wearing my cowboy boots and extra large bag.I love XL bags,because I can put my books and everything necessary in them(and some not that necessary items too)
When it comes to winter outfits,it has to me warm and comfy for me,so expect more creative looks after winter:)
There's just few photos,I didn't had time to take more of them,but here they are!


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