srijeda, 26. prosinca 2012.

Xmas party

Hi guys!
I had a busy busy weekend.Well,busy week actually.
First I went on End of the world afterparty.It's kinda joke,the name of the event,because not a lot people believed in the end of the world.But it was fun to celebrate the fact that we are still alive.
The second party,Xmas party,was in one of the most popular clubs in Zagreb,Hemingway.
It was a quite good party,I really had fun.
The photos below were taken before we went on the Xmas party.
I was wearing this dress that was longer at the back and black high heels.
It's really simple,all black outfit.
On this one photo,you can see my friend Ela holding the back of my dress.
It's a funny story.At the last moment,I decided I would change because someone could step on my dress,or I would destroy it somehow,beacuse I'm pretty clumsy.I always change my mind about the outfit the last second.
She said don't worry,I'll hold that part just so we can go.
So,here are the photos,they were taken the last minute before the party in my room.


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