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Perwoll Fashion.hr no.1

Hi guys!
Perwoll Fashion.hr started yesterday.I'm really lucky to be able to go to fashion weeks,and I honestly enjoy every minute of it!
I've been going to events like that for about 2 years.It's really fun and exciting.Of course,I don't like everything that designers present,but it's still interesting to see how other people's point of view.

Any way,yesterday's show was amazing!
Aleksandra Dojcinovic makes the most perfect dresses.Every woman looks like a goddess in them.
Dresses are simple,in one colour,with no extra details,and the focus is on the silhouette.

I wore simple outfit.Burgundy red top,purse and skirt and grey blazer,shoes and tights.
I also wore statement necklace,golden watch and a few thin rings.
I was pretty happy with my outfit,but I noticed that on the pictures,items don't seem like it's the same colour.But it really is,just the materials are different.Skirt is made of tweed,bag is made of leather etc.

P.S. last photo is taken for Fashion.hr streetstyle.
If you want to check it,you can visit Fashion.hr

Next post tomorrow,


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