četvrtak, 10. siječnja 2013.

The time

Hi guys!
The other day my friend and I went to the movies.
The movie was... well O.K.,but I've seen better(I'm a big movie fan!)
We saw ˝Un plan parfait˝ with Diane Kruger.It's an romantic comedy,little bit unusual,but still with predictable end,and I hate to know what the end will be like.
And about the look,there isn't a lot of photos,we had to run so we wouldn't be late.
I wore a light brown chunky sweater,high-waisted Levis shorts,black parka and tights,of course.
I love jewelry,especially rings and bracelets,but lately I'm obsessed with vintage watches.
I found this one in my mum's jewelry box,I always find something there :)



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