nedjelja, 20. siječnja 2013.

Oxford chic

Hi guys!

As I already said,I'm a huge movie fan.
Lately I ran into some pretty good movies,
so I had movie nights last few evenings.
Blanket and snacks are necessary,of course.

But last night I went out with my good old friend.We haven't seen each other for a while,so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Look is pretty simple.I wore basic black sweater,pair of blue jeans and a warm black scarf.To add some colour,I put on my pink docs.I recommend buying shoes or a bag in some "crazy" colour.
It might look like you don't have a lot of things that would look good with it,but trust me,you'll end up wearing it all the time.
I found this blazer in my grandma's closet.It's checkered,mix of green and blue.
And because it's still really cold outside,I wore my beloved parka over it.
Just thinking about times when I'll be able to wear short sleeves and nothing over it!


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